• Bekant Desk – It goes up. It goes down.
  • Macbook Pro M3 – I use this mostly in clamshell mode, but it’s nice for when I want to be mobile.
  • Multiple Apple TVs
  • Apple Watch Series 10 – I use it to track workouts and listen to music, but the killer app is being able to tap to pay without reaching in my pocket!
  • Apple Keyboard – Not my favorite and needs to be disrupted.
  • Apple Magic Trackpad – I love gestures.
  • Elgato Stream Deck
  • Logitech c920 webcam
  • Logitech Litra Beam
  • Two external Dell Monitors – I want to replace these with one large curved monitor.
  • Bambu P1S 3D Printer with AMS – This printer is amazing. It’s an appliance that just works.
  • A few smart plugs hooked into Apple Home with some on/off programs.

Business Software

  • Xero – Painless bookkeeping.
  • Harvest – I’ve been using this for project tracking and invoices(connected with Stripe) for 16 years!
  • GitHub – Projects, Actions, and Co Pilot are fantastic.
  • WordPress – OG of the OG CMSes.
  • Stripe – Get that bag.


I use mostly Apple ecosystem apps and try to not use my phone, but here are a few apps that are on my home screen.

Dev setup

  • PHPStorm – My IDE of choice. Copilot, Atom Material Icons, and Laravel Idea are vital plugins.
  • Android Studio – Used for programming FTC robots!
  • LocalCan – Provides better management for local environments along with sharing local installs with web.
  • Orb Stack – Wicked fast Docker container management.
  • Warp – A better terminal.
  • Tinkerwell – “PHP Scratchpad” for Laravel and WordPress. It’s php artisan tinker on steroids!
  • Table Plus – For connecting to databases.
  • Transmit – sftp

Other software

  • 1Password – Keep all that data safe.
  • Alfred
  • Apple Calendar
  • Apple Notes
  • Apple Maps
  • Apple Reminders
  • Slack
  • Spotify
  • Zoom
  • Fastmail – I de-googled a few years back.
  • CleanShotX – This is the best app for quick screenshots with annotations. It also makes videos and gifs.

Retired software

  • Day One – I couldn’t keep the habit and resorted to keeping diary style entries in Apple Notes.
  • Duolingo – I had a 600 day streak, then turned it off.