👋 Hi, I'm Daniel Espinoza.

About me

I'm a web developer and business owner currently living in San Antonio, Texas.

I have been a professional web developer for 28 years. That's how long ago someone paid me money to write code.

What I'm Doing Right Now

My Work

- Grow Development -

I run a WooCommerce consultancy at Grow Development which is made up of myself and a small team of highly skilled WooCommerce developers.

We work primarily with companies running WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions sites selling over $1MM annually.

I founded Grow Development in 2008.

- Shop Plugins -

I build commercial plugins for WooCommerce at Shop Plugins. I've been running this shop since 2015.

- Monitorific -

I'm currently building Monitorific. Monitorific is an automated checkout testing tool for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This is a saas built on the Laravel Framework.

I hope to launch this in April 2022!


If you want to get in touch with me send me a tweet or fill out this form.


This site used to be hosted on WordPress, but because I deal with WordPress sites all day which made managing this site feel like work. I switched to using GitHub pages and I can now use GitHub's web based browser to manage the site with ease.

Eventually I'll spin up a WP site and bring back some of my older content and blog posts.

Last updated: March 2022