Full stack software engineer and leader.

Howdy! I’m Daniel Espinoza a founder, tenacious coder, inquisitive soul, burgeoning roboticist, and homeschool dad.

I have expertise in WooCommerce and Laravel. I’ve also lead and mentored teams of developers in completing projects on time and under budget.

I’m currently living in San Antonio, TX, but have been working remotely for almost two decades. I am happily married to Amanda and together we parent our three awesome kids.

Current Role

I enjoy being a software engineer focused on streamlining systems, brainstorming new solutions, and writing performant code. I currently write code, manage QA, and ask leading questions with the fine team at Affiliate.com.

Previous Experience

Grow Development


I founded and operated an ecommerce agency helping subscription companies using WooCommerce Subscriptions increase profits.

Before Grow Development I worked in the Information Technology department of a bank keeping the wire transfer and payroll systems running. Then I read books like “The 4 Hour Workweek” and blogs like “Freelance Switch” and figured out a different way to work that prioritized autonomy, time with family, and peace.

Shop Plugins Logo

Shop Plugins


I founded and operated a premium WooCommerce plugin shop. Many of the plugin ideas were born out of the client work of my ecommerce agency. A product shop let me expand my income beyond retainers and hourly rates.

The business was acquired by WP Overnight in August 2023.


FIRST Technical Challenge Teams

In 2023 my wife and I founded San Antonio Homeschool Robotics, a non-profit that encourages teens to explore careers in STEM specifically through organizing competitive robotics teams. Our team Microchips & Queso advanced all the way to the World Championships in 2024!


In my spare time I am building an app to automate testing live checkouts for WooCommerce sites. I’m guilty of pushing code on a Friday and not realizing checkout is broken until Monday. Yikes!

My startup aims to solve this problem for store owners and their developers.