A Texan Web Developer

Hi, 👋 I’m Daniel. I’m a web developer and business owner currently living in San Antonio, Texas. I’m also a Christian, husband, father of three, movie watcher, and guitar player.


I run a WooCommerce consultancy at Grow Development. We work primarily with companies running WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions sites selling over $1MM annually.

I build commercial plugins for WooCommerce at Shop Plugins.

Right Now

  • I’m social distancing in San Antonio, Texas. 🌎
  • Leading projects at my WooCommerce agency Grow Development 🖥
  • Building WooCommerce plugins for my marketplace  Shop Plugins 🔌
  • Buying used Razor electric scooters and fixing them up for fun 🛴
  • Live coding on Twitch 🎥👨‍💻

Last updated: February 2021


If you have a question on a plugin purchased from Shop Plugins please use this form.

If you want to get in touch with me send me a tweet and I might see it. I don’t respond to DMs.