Why we homeschool

I recently had a chat discussion where someone had a firm opinion against homeschooling. He shared his reasons and I shared mine, so I decided to vlog our main three reasons why we homeschool.

My Inspiring Wife

My wife inspires me. She has the kind of personality that when she starts something she’s going to finish it. In 2009 she decided to run a marathon and she woke up several times a week to run several miles around our neighborhood. One day a week she woke up super early and drove to another part of town before dawn to join a running club on super long runs.

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Launching New Version of Sugar Event Calendar

Back in January of this year I published “Ship or STFU” where I talked about the regret that comes with wanting to work on a side project, but not choosing to have enough time to do it. I shared how my wife had grown tired of hearing me talk about things I was going to do and how I set a deadline (End of February) where if I didn’t have them done I would no longer talk about them.

I did stop talking about them after February, but I’ve also shipped a few. Here’s an update!

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