Running a business from the road

Running a Business from the road

We’re four weeks into our trip to Europe and having a fantastic time. Tomorrow we’ll head to Paris for 4 weeks after spending 3 weeks in Berlin. The first week of the trip was spent in London and I knew it was going to be a time spent packing in as many sights as possible time so I didn’t try to get into a work groove. The time in Berlin was going to be slower and less jam packed with tourist stuff so I would work here. Also, I’ll need to work in order for our goal of long term travel to be sustainable.

Over the past few weeks there are a few things that have stood out as very important for anyone trying to run a business from the road. One of these will come from a change of habit, two require pre-trip research and one is a good idea wherever you’re located.

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April 21 , 2014
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Ecommerce for Site Developers

Ecommerce for Site Developers

Today I’ll be one of four teachers participating in the WPSessions class “Ecommerce for Site Developers.”  Four ecommerce platforms for WordPress are represented, so no matter which platform you use there will be something for everyone!

My section will focus on how to extend WooCommerce and build plugins to add functionality.  You can purchase a ticket here, and participate in the live sessions starting at 1pm EST today.


April 19 , 2014
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Birth of a Mobile Web Developer

Birth of a Mobile Developer

Two weeks ago I hit a cool milestone in my journey as a location independent developer: I actually started working from a different location!

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April 10 , 2014
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EP6 WooCommerce Office Hours – March 14, 2014

Today’s WooCommerce Office Hours was focused on the default shipping methods that are available with WooCommerce and answered some questions from the chat room.

Vin Thomas from Fixel joined the room to hang out and listen in.  Thankfully he and SEO Guy Cape Town let me know when I accidentally muted myself during a screen share.  Thanks guys!

Doug Smith from Simply Charlotte Mason stopped by in the chat to ask some questions related to shipping and the way that some themes have a “progress bar” representing 5-Star reviews instead of stars.

During the show I covered how to configure Shipping Classes for products and how to setup the shipping methods for WooCommerce. The base shipping methods include:

  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • International Delivery
  • Local Delivery
  • Local Pickup

Flat Rate shipping allows the store owner the ability to setup a base Cost per order that is added to the shipping rate before calculation.  Then costs can be added and calculated either Per Order, Per Item, or Per Class.  I show how to add a “Hardware” shipping class to some nails and then add a Per Item charge.

Free Shipping gives the admin the ability to offer customers free shipping based on a combination of minimum order amount or a coupon allowing free shipping.  Having a minimum order amount like $75 that unlocks free shipping is a great incentive for customers.

International Delivery is a separate shipping calculated cost for countries that are different than the base country set for the store.

Local Delivery is a way to charge a set Delivery Fee for billing addresses in specific Zip/Post codes. We also verified that WooCommerce is able to match Zip+4 post codes and longer/shorter post codes from other countries. Example: V6E 1N2, 90210, 78705-1234, 8001

Local Pickup is a way to allow no-cost shipping for specific Zip/Post codes when the customer will pickup the purchased item.

March 14 , 2014
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Lessons from being self employed again


The beginning my talk at WordCamp Grand Rapids was a story of me hitting the rock bottom of freelancing. I was over committed, broke, alone, and emotionally drained. That was the start of my transition to focusing on products instead of services. Looking back that transition was the best decision for me. I’ve really enjoyed building and supporting products.

Fast forward to today and it’s been a little over a month since going back to being fully self employed. I’ve been busy working on client projects and new businesses. Have total freedom of schedule again has been great as well as the people I’ve had a chance to meet.

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March 4 , 2014
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EP4 WooCommerce Office Hours 2014-02-21

Today’s WooCommerce Office Hours was titled “Don’t Feed The Trolls!” We were joined by Patrick Rauland, Patrick Garman, Tom McFarlin, Nik V., Rémi Corson, and Matt Medeiros.

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February 21 , 2014
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WooCommerce Office Hours 2014-02-14

In today’s WooCommerce Office Hours I few solo and talked about the new version of WooCommerce that dropped this week. WooCommerce 2.1.0 was made available on Monday and by the end of the week we had a 2.1.2 version with some bug fixes. Continue reading →

February 14 , 2014
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Picking the Right Idea

I’ve had several conversations this week with product people about new ideas.  It’s something that I love to talk about.  I’m an extrovert and talking to people gives me energy, but talking to product people takes that energy to another level.  There’s really no need for NDAs or pretense when talking about this because ideas are cheap – execution is what is valuable. Continue reading →

February 7 , 2014
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3 Books To Read Before Leaving Your Job

Books To Read Before Leaving Your Job

I quit my last corporate job in 2008 where I was a programmer for a bank. It was In retrospect I didn’t do the best job of preparing myself, my family or our finances for the process we went through the next three years after quitting. The only books I had read about going solo described the joys of working for yourself and being your own master. They talked of a place where independence, business wisdom and revenue coincided to create a euphoric mountain top experience. Continue reading →

February 6 , 2014
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