Blogging for Benjamin Update

Blogging for Benjamin

We’re almost halfway through the Blogging for Benjamin competition and the ninjas are doing a great job!

The current standings have a three-way tie for first place between Patrick, Mike and Coen. There are five ninjas after that.  If you want to catch up on the great content the guys have been producing here are links to the top 6 blogs and a few of their posts.

Patrick Rauland ::

In “Get Lost in the Flow and Work for More Than a Salary” Patrick talks about being thankful for his job and being in a state of ‘flow’.

In “Why A Plugin’s Popularity Matters” Patrick admits ‘pulling a Lema’ and starting with a story before talking about the importance of having a popular plugin that gets consistent attention.

Patrick also includes some solid WooCommerce tips like “Only Ship to Continental United States with WooCommerce” complete with explanation and code snippet.

Mike Jolley ::

Mike shares about the way he gets stuff done with “Apps I use during my daily workflow.” There are some software and hardware suggestions that I hadn’t seen before like the HiRise.

Mike wasn’t involved in our WordSesh discussion, but answered the same questions we addressed with “Re: The WooCommerce ecosystem.”

He continues the suggestions with “Eight ways to contribute to a WP plugin (and why you should).”

Coen Jacobs ::

Coen talks about his setup with “What tools do I use to get things done (aka ‘The Setup’)?” I didn’t know that both Mike and Coen are using 15″ MackBook Pros!

Coen shares some great insight into helping with Open Source with “How to effectively report bugs on GitHub (and what not do do).”

WooCommerce will soon be moving to version 2.1 and one of the elephants in the room is how the project will deal with backwards compatibility. Coen talks about this with “How to deal with breaking backwards compatibility.”

Sven Hutchinson ::

Sven is an expat living in Thailand and is using our awesome courseware plugin Sensei to produce an English language learning website.  Very cool!

Sample lessons are “How to use A and An“, “Where are you from?” and “Days of the Week“.

Magnus Jepson ::

Magnus shared about why he chose to publish on Medium instead of WordPress for the competition in “The path of least resistance.”

Magnus is currently chasing an “Endless summer” by living in warm Cape Town, South Africa while it is winter in his home country of Norway.

Also, apparently there is “Road Rage” in South Africa; who knew? I thought it was just in the USA!

Rémi Corson ::

Rémi’s the king of useful tip blogposts!  He talks about how to “Customize WooCommerce Products Search Form.”

Another useful tip is how a site owner can “Automatically add products to cart on visit.”

Rémi started off the month with a discussion on “Should You Add a Donate Button to Your Blog?