WordSesh 2 is Tomorrow!

WordSesh is a day (24 continuous hours) of WordPress presentations from all over the world. Think of it as a virtual WordCamp that you can attend from anywhere in the world!  No need for flight delays, smelly hotels, or bad wifi!  You can watch via the live stream and interact in the chat room with all of the other attendees.

The next WordSesh will be happening this Saturday December 7, 2013!

I watched the first WordSesh last year from home.  I remember carrying a laptop around all day to not miss a presentation.  I was also caring my kids so I was watching the laptop while changing diapers and making lunches.

This year’s sesh will be even bigger than the previous one as there will be two tracks to choose from.  There are several great presentations scheduled that I can’t wait to watch.  You can view the schedule to plan out your time.

What to watch for plugin developers

The sesh starts Saturday at 0:00 UTC (7:00 PM EST) with a live episode of the DradCast which is always fun and entertaining! All of the segments will be fantastic, but since I’m most interested in creating and selling premium WordPress plugins the sessions that I’m looking forward to are:

  • “Pricing WordPress Products” by Shane Pearlman 04:00 UTC
  • “Characteristics of a Sustainable WordPress Product” by Matt Cohen  06:00 UTC
  • “Debugging WordPress” with Mario Peshev 09:00 UTC
  • “How to Build a Successful WordPress Plugin Business” by Louis Reingold 10:00 UTC
  • “Profitable Open Source” by Frederick Townes 12:00 UTC
  • “Freemium, a sustainable model for your plugin” by Kim Gjerstad 13:00 UTC
  • “Plugin Development while Working Full Time” by Patrick Rauland 17:00 UTC
  • “Writing Testable WordPress Plugins” Jonathan Brinley 20:00 UTC

If you miss any of the presentations don’t worry.  Each presentation is recorded and will be released on YouTube after the event.

I’m participating!

This year I’ll be participating in a round table discussion at 20:00 UTC (2:00 PM EST).  I’ll be joining Brent Shepherd, Coen Jacobs, Patrick Rauland and Scott Basgaard to talk about the WooCommerce Ecosystem.  We’re going to cover the state of WooCommerce and where we see WooCommerce going in the future. I’m excited to participate and have a fun and entertaining chat with these guys!   Let me know if there you have any questions about WooCommerce that you’d like us to cover.

I highly encourage you to block out some time this Saturday to catch the presentations live.  You’ll learn something new and get to interact with other people in the WordPress community!