WPSessions: Online WordPress Education

Saturday I participated in the first installment of WPSessions. I joined Topher DeRosia and Pippin Williamson as we taught on the topic of Building WordPress Plugins. My presentation focused on Actions/Filters, the Settings API, and the HTTP API.

WPSessions.com | Learn from WordPress experts, from everywhere!

WPSessions was started by Brian Richards from StarBox theme framework and WebDevStudios. His intent is to bring WordCamp-style presentations to the masses without the travel commitment.  I love the excitement and connectivity associated with WordCamps so I was honored to be asked by Brian to join the project.

Look at that dork :)
Look at that dork 🙂

Details about the session

Each session was about an hour long which included teaching and time for questions and answers. The presentation was broadcast via Google Hangout with feedback provided by a tlk.io chat room. This was my first time teaching via Google Hangout so there was a little bit of a learning curve right at first.  I used my 17″ iMac as the main presentation machine. I scaled down the resolution so that the video would be nice and crisp.  I also had a laptop in front of me that I used to view my notes in a Google Doc, view the chat room to see questions from participants and access the presenters Skype chat.  The setup worked very well and I didn’t have any lags in connectivity that I noticed.

I did have a hiccup where Keynote didn’t display on the video correctly so I had a backup PDF of my slides ready and to use with a single window screen share (feature of Google Hangouts).  For coding examples I used a MAMP Pro local install with a demo WordPress install. I used my regular IDE (Coda) and a Terminal window to show code.  I had some feedback that my color settings for code could be adjusted to make them more readable. Other than those few bumps the entire presentation was smooth.

A bright future

The next session on Building A WordPress Business has already been announced and it has a great lineup of speakers.  I’ll definitely be tuning in to hear these guys talk about business. If you haven’t already bought a ticket I suggest heading over to the site to grab one!