WordCamp DFW 2014


I had the pleasure of presenting at WordCamp DFW this past weekend.  This was my first time attending WC DFW and it was a great camp with solid talks and good networking.

My talk

I shared on “Running a WordPress Business While Traveling The World”.  I’ve been freelancing since 2008, and have been running the current iteration of my business since January. During that time my family has traveled to three countries for a few months and have more travels planned.

I learned many things about keeping a business running while doing travel as a lifestyle.  My thesis was:

You don’t need to want to travel, but the same things that make a business sustainable on the road will give you freedom to pursue a lifestyle of your choosing.

Other talks attended

Four Steps to Determine Value and Start Pricing by Kirk Bowman

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my tweets about this presentation.  Kirk did a fantastic job outlining the problems with hourly pricing and the better alternative of value pricing.  He recently started a podcast and blogs at the same site.

My wife and I got to chat with Kirk after the presentation and she told him that “Value pricing has improved our marriage!”  She was referring to the fact that after switching to value pricing I don’t complain about getting paid too little for a project and I don’t stress about money.

Keynote by Cory Miller

My friend Cory delivered a very inspiring keynote for the camp. He pointed out that we all have a finite amount of time given to us and he challenged us to rethink what we are spending our Time, Talent, and Treasure on.

He also talked about how he has had several “Click Publish” moments in his life where he shared something with the world that had a positive impact on someone else’s life.  He encouraged us to click publish on whatever it is that we are holding back on.

Find Your Dream Job: Freelancer, Founder, or Agency? by Paul Clark

Paul shared about the progression from Freelancer to Founder to Agency.  He drew from his own experience of growth from Freelancer to founding his own web agency, then joining forces with a larger web agency.

He shared Pros/Cons in each of the different phases and ways to manage the transition between the phases. I enjoyed the talk because I’m currently in the transition between freelancer to founder and found myself nodding when he talked about what this process is like.

The WordPress Community: Getting Involved by Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell finished the day with an overview of how to get involved with WordPress. There are many ways to get involved beyond writing code. Aaron encouraged everyone to setup up and get involved.


Thank you to the organizers and volunteers of WordCamp DFW for your hard work!