WordCamp Atlanta 2013 Recap

I think I’m suffering from a WordCamp hangover.  I’m an extrovert and going from interacting with dozens of internet folks back to working in my bedroom has given me a bit of a headache! 🙂

I can’t wait to go to more camps and meet more of the WordPress community!

WooNinjas Assemble!
WooNinjas Assemble!

Here’s my recap thoughts and some sights/sounds from the weekend:


Here’s a list of the presentations I attended.  They were all fantastic and full of useful information.

“Going for it: How to Become a Respected WordPress Developer”
Brian Krogsgard (slides)

“What the Git?”
Nathaniel Schweinberg (slides)

“Finding a Niche Through Experimentation”
John Saddington

“10 Things Every Plugin Developer Should Know”
Dave Donaldson (slides zip)

“What You Should Know About Responsive Web Design”
Matt Haff (slides)

“Level-Up Your WordPRess Development Skills”
Tom McFarlin (slides)

“Designer vs Developer: Creators in WordPress”
Sara Cannon (slides)

“The Power of Your Story Through WordPress”
Kimanzi Constable

“How to Make Six Figures in Web Design”
James Dalman

“Wrestling The Writing Muse Down To The Dusty Earth”
Chris Ames

“How to Make Great Tutorial WordPress Videos”
Steve Burge