Word for 2014: Global

Word for 2014: Global

At the start of each year my wife and I set goals for the upcoming year. As part of this discussion we choose a single word as our focus for the year. Past words have been Compassion, Stronger, and Hustle. Each word ties to our annual goals and where we see ourself going as a family.

This year our word is Global. I elaborate on why we chose that word in the linked post, but I wanted to elaborate on how our word of the year works into what I write about here related to being a solopreneuer, web developer, and building micro-businesses.


Part of our family’s focus is to be able to “work from anywhere there is wifi.” Working with WooThemes and running Grow Development I’ve already been location independent for several years. When I talked at WP Grand Rapids about creating and selling plugins one of the reasons to build this type of business is to allow life to be the center and have work wrap around it, not the other way around. My WooThemes coworker Maria is a perfect example of living a location independent lifestyle while working on the internet.

This year now that we’re debt free and will have a fully funded emergency fund we’re able to start traveling and exercising our location independence.


Within the WordPress community it is possible to connect with people all over the world. When I was at WordCamp Europe I was walking with a group to the after party. We all started sharing where we were from and there was one guy from Israel, one guy from Buenos Aries, one from Cape Town, one from Germany, one from Brisbane, and several from the USA. Add in a WooThemes guy who was right behind us that lives in Asia and within that small group we covered six continents!

Being a member of the WP community fits in with our global focus because the community truly spans the globe. We are excited to meet people from all around the globe from this community.


I believe self-employment and remote-employment (working for a company remotely) are both great paths to greater personal freedom and a more fulfilling life. I’m excited to talk more about the specifics of how to do that by being a solopreneur and WordPress developer!