WooCommerce Office Hours Episode 20

In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I drove the bus by myself from a new location (Downtown San Antonio coworking space Geekdom). Topics included customizing WooCommerce and demoing the new plugin from Receiptful.

WooCommerce Questions

1. Christine asks via email:

I am able to isolate the “Additional Information” tab on a Product page, using Firebug or similar and when there, can change it to read something like Product Summary… but can’t figure out where or how to do it in my woocommerce site.


My initial answer to Christine was to point her to the additional-information.php template in the WooCommerce github repo. I shared how she could override the template and change the text in the new template file.

She replied that she’d rather not do any custom coding or template overriding. It makes sense that she’d rather not use code to override these tab settings.

I then pointed her to the WooCommerce Customizer plugin from SkyVerge. The plugin is available for free on WordPress.org. With the plugin installed and active there is a Customizer tab added where several default text strings can be changed.

WooCommerce Customizer


2. Brandon asks:

Is there a way to require a user to be logged in to see the shop else be redirected to the homepage? It seems plugins like WP_Members just don’t work on Woocomerce.


I suggested that Brandon look into the Catalog visibility options plugin for sale on WooThemes.com.

Receiptful for WooCommerce

I then did a live demo of the new plugin that integrates Receiptful with WooCommerce. Receiptful is a service that supercharges emails from WooCommere to bring ROI from upsells and suggested products in the receipt.

I stepped through installation of the plugin, setting up the API key, and adjusting the email template.

I also added a cart coupon that would be created after a purchase and offered to the customer via the receipt email.