In this episode I’m joined by Barry Kooij a developer with WooThemes who is currently focusing on WooCommerce development and building the suite of available Unit Tests.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

1. thefancymonkey asks

Hello, I have version 2.2.7 and in System Status, it says:

order-details.php version 2.1.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.2.0,

Wassup with that ?


In the video I shared how to use the WooCommerce System Status report to check the health of your WooCommerce site.  The System Status report also shows if any out of date templates exist in the current theme.

2. Anahita asks

I am using latest woocommerce plugin, I don’t need to have product images. How can I eliminate the image part from my Programs page? There seems to be no option for eliminating Image attribute of the product!



In the video I show a screen share of pulling the image template out of the single product page by editing some of the plugins.  I also share how to pull the image out of the category page.

3. Daniel asks

I want to help with adding unit tests to the WooCommerce plugin, how do I start?


Barry talks about what is required to get started with building unit tests and how to contribute them to the WooCommerce project.

4.  Daniel asks:

What’s the best plugin to use for related posts?


Barry show off his new plugin Related Posts for WordPress. This is the most advanced way to do related posts on WordPress!

WooCommerce News

New Plugin

One Page Checkout was shipped from Prospress.  Description:

Make it super fast for customers to purchase with your store. Create special pages where customers can choose products, checkout & pay all on the one page!

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