In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I fly solo and talk over the WC_Cart object, the WC REST API, and preview the WC Availability Chart plugin.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers


1. Question from Ryan on getting the subtotal:

I’m looking to be able to get the proper total like WC_Cart->get_cart_subtotal() but without the currency symbol. Need it as a float so I can do math and figure out which is the greater number. Also need the functionality to get the correct total based on the tax settings.

In the video I walk through the WC_Cart class and explain get_cart_subtotal()

2. Walk Through of the WC Rest API:

In the video I walk through how the WC REST API works and how to run a simple program to pull data from a WooCommerce site.

3. Show off WC Availability Chart

I then give a demo of WooCommerce Availability Chart plugin.

Posted by Daniel Espinoza

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