In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I was joined by Max Rice co-founder of SkyVerge.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

1. vsgill asks on IRC:

Is there a way to get the total number of cart items in a different template?

Answer: The best thing to do is use the WC_Cart method get_cart_contents_count() in your template or plugin.

2. Scoobysnax asks on WP.org:

I run a website for fun and learning mostly. It’s a Sims fansite that I use to share custom content with people. I have a woocommerce store on my site and I use the the add to basket functionality as a way for user to bundle all the items together. However when it comes to the check out page

a)Is there any way to bundle all the items in the cart together, so that users can batch download? rather than a link at a time
b)I really don’t need people to provide their billing details as these are gratis items that are instantly downloadable. can I create or skip to a download page at checkout?
My site is http://www.scoobysnax.co.uk – if required for explanatory purposes.
Sorry if this question has been asked before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: There isn’t a core function to combine downloads in an order to one file, but this is possible through custom code.  And I hear that a plugin for this is in development!

3. Rich asks via email:

On the site where we manage subscriptions, we are finding that the woocommerce failed payment emails are horribly messaged. They don’t even say “failed payment” in the subject line. Also, I don’t think there are notifications for users who are using a cc that is about to subscribe. It’s become a bit of a PITA of our clients, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on this one.

Answer: Looks like WC Subscriptions doesn’t add a unique email template for failed transactions. But, this could be done using a version of the custom email for WooCommerce plugin.

4. Geoff asks via wp.org:

I was wondering what the best way to achieve these two goals would be.

I’m trying to use WooCommerce as a directory listing (it’s working really well), but I need to change a couple of things.
Where the two dropdown lists are on the main shop page where it says Show 12, 24, and 36 products, I want that to say businesses instead of products.
The other thing is I want to remove Filter by price in the other dropdown list.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Answer:There are two free plugins for adding statuses, WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options, and WooCommerce Products Per Page, but there’s not one for removing the statuses.  This could be done with custom code, and there’s a tutorial on the way for that on this blog post.

WooCommerce News

SkyVerge uust released updates for every extension with WC 2.2 compatibility.  They are also working on adding refund support to gateways in the coming week. There will be big updates to Print Invoices/Packing Lists, Braintree, and CIM coming this month.

Also, new plugins in-development  are Product Reviews Pro & Google Analytics Pro.

WooCommerce 2.2 RC1 released

This morning the first release candidate for WooCommerce 2.2 was revealed.

WordCamp Europe!

The second WordCamp Europe will be the end of this month in Sofia Bulgaria and I’ll be there!  If you are there too be sure to say ‘hi’!

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