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WooCommerce Office Hours Ep 13

In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I was joined by Brent Shepherd the creator of the very popular WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and the founder of Prospress.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

1. Question from Dan-902:

“I’m using the Measurement and Price Calculator with a simple product. How can you remove the qty +|- box from appearing when the Measurement Price Calculator is used for a product?”


This question was posted to the WC Community and Barry Dyson beat me to the answer!

This can be done by editing the product in the WordPress admin, clicking on the Inventory Tab in the Product Data box and checking the “Sold Individually” checkbox.

WooCommerce Produdt Sold Individually

2.  Question from Doug Smith:

For subscriptions Is there a way to stop subscription monthly e-mails from being sent for a free subscription?

Brent answered this in the video and also submitted a gist with a way to do this.

Follow up question:

Any plans to add subscription support to the WooCommerce REST API?

Brent said “Yes there is!” and provided details in the WC Subscriptions Roadmap.

3. Question from indira14:

My client wants the order confirmation emails to be sent to two email addresses. There’s 2 shop managers so they both want to get the order emails. I went through all the settings but I can’t find the shop owner email address anywhere!

In the WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings, click on the Emails tab, then click on the New Orders link:

WooCommerce Settings ‹ test site — WordPress


In the Recipients box add email addresses comma separated that you want to receive New Order notification.

4. Question from javorszky:

How do you guys handle clients who want to have a broken UX that is incredibly hard (but not impossible) to handle with woocommerce?

Brent shared that javorsky was probably asking about a variable product with 500 plus variations and elaborated on strategies to work with that many variations in WooCommerce.

A follow up question:

Also, when creating WooCommerce, has there been UX research done to back up why the purchasing flow is designed as such?

Neither Brent nor I were sure of any UX research that has been done, but Brent mentioned that Mike Jolley had probably done some research on the other ecommerce offerings available in the market.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce Conference

Prospress is a sponsor of the upcoming WooCommerce Conference and Brent and team will be in attendance.

New Plugins

Two new plugins were released: Purchase Order Gateway and LevelUp.

WordCamp Dallas/FortWorth

Grow Development is sponsoring WordCamp Dallas/FortWorth and I’ll be speaking!  If you are in the area or at the camp please say ‘hello’!