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WooCommerce Office Hours Ep 12

In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I was joined by Brian Richards the creator of WPSessions.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

1. Question from Doug Smith:

We recently got into a jam with a product having a limited quantity. We turned on inventory tracking to make sure we didn’t oversell. We sold out of the product and all was well as it automatically changed to being unavailable.

A couple weeks later we received a check in the mail for an order including that item, even though our stock was gone. We offer the option to pay with a check, but had no idea that orders placed that way would not reserve inventory. The customer placed the order while the item was still in stock and took her time sending in the check.

I would love to hear some ideas on strategies for dealing with this kind of situation.


After doing some testing if an order is paid for using the Check payment gateway and the order is placed in On Hold status the inventory will be held for the order.  If the order is placed in Pending status then WooCommerce will wait for the number of minutes set in the Hold Stock (minutes) setting.

The setting is located at WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory > Inventory Options

WooCommerce Settings ‹ test site — WordPress-1

If the number of minutes is exceeded with no payment applied the order is set to failed and the inventory is released.  This is useful in conjunction with PayPal Standard where the customer may place an order on the WooCommerce site, then go to PayPal and not complete the transaction.

2. Question from mindgarden:

Okay, I am not sure if this will work. Can I export data (e.g. products, order history, images, descriptions) from my site with WooCommerce installed, to another site with WooCommerce installed (this site has no original data)


There are a few official plugins for getting data into and out of WooCommerce. Here’s a list:



Also, WP All Import has an add-on for WooCommerce.

3. Question from acheive1:

She describes that her company sells custom video products.  These videos are produced after the purchase is made.  She wants to know how to provide the download URL to the customer after the order.


Ryan Ray answered this question in the WooThemes community support forums and suggested using an Order Note in the Edit Order screen to send a URL of the completed custom video.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce Conference tickets on sale!

Current pricing is $249 with coupon “EARLYBIRD.” Then they will go to $350 after the first 100.


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