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WooCommerce Office Hours Ep 11

In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I was joined by Curtis McHale from SFN Design.  Curtis specializes in building ecommerce and membership sites with WordPress.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

Q1. Dale (@KoalaDesignSA) asked: How do you remove items from the sidebar menu for Shop Manager?Specifically he wanted to remove the “Coupons” option from the sidebar.

A1. I shared how you can use filter ‘woocommerce_register_post_type_shop_coupon’ to remove the menu option. Curtis suggested using Members by Justin Tadlock to fine tune user roles and options available to those users.

Q2: kianboon asked: How do you set default variations to show up on a page?

A2: I showed how on the Product Details box the default variation can be set so that when the customer arrives on the product page variations are chosen and the Add to Cart button is visible.

Q3. Daniel asks: I’ve got a subscription (using WooCommerce Subscriptions) that was cancelled and refunded. Then the customer ordered a new subscription a few months later and the original one says “Superseeded by Subscription Purchased in Order.”

A3: This message shows up because the customer renewed the subscription after it was cancelled.  Reference documentation is here.

Q4. fridaynext asks in IRC:  I would love to show customer role in the WooCommerce->Orders page. I get paid commission based on what role the customer is, and going into each user’s account is tedious. Ideas on how to add an extra column with customer role on the orders page?

A4: I didn’t have a chance to review this, but Curtis has a tutorial showing how to do this: Count Comments by Registered Users.

WooCommerce News

New Plugins!  Curtis recently released Easy Restricted Content which allows access to pages, posts, and ppPress forums based on purchase of a WooCommerce Product.

WooThemes released WooCommerce Social Login developed by SkyVerge which enables logging into a WooCommerce site using credentials from a social network like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.