EP4 WooCommerce Office Hours 2014-02-21

Today’s WooCommerce Office Hours was titled “Don’t Feed The Trolls!” We were joined by Patrick Rauland, Patrick Garman, Tom McFarlin, Nik V., Rémi Corson, and Matt Medeiros.

More WooCommerce 2.1 Upgrade Talk

There was more talk about updates to WooCommerce 2.1 that would break plugins or sites. We kept reinforcing that if you are a site owner you need to test the update in a development or off-site environment first. There you can make sure all plugins and themes are updated and then proceed through the WooCommerce update. If anything breaks you can troubleshoot and not be stressed about killing your production site.

Here are some great podcasts that have been produced by some WooCommerce Ninjas related to the update:

If you’re a plugin developer or theme developer you need to be following DevelopWC on Twitter and checking the Develop WooCommerce blog regularly.

WooCommerce and Multi Site

A question came in via IRC asking if WooCommerce will work with multi site and provide one catalog to serve different products to different websites.  This is a feature that has been available in Magento from the beginning.

The short answer is no.  This is on the WooCommerce Roadmap, but a full release will probably be dedicated to this in the future.


We talked a bit about the AppPresser service for building native iOS and Android apps out of a WordPress.  The retail site House of Ragz has a native iOS app available on the App Store. I downloaded the app and clicked around.  It’s very snappy, looks good, and seems easy to use.

The talk then moved on to what kind of customers would download a website’s native app.  Although Matt is an Amazon app customer, the rest of us seemed to use ecommerce from a computer as opposed to a mobile device.  The future will tell what is next for this service and I think they are off to a great start.

They see me trollin’!

The rest of the office hours were just a fun hangout of friends talking about random stuff.  Tom did a great job of trollin from the ATL, and Matt was the counter point.  It was all in good fun, and a great way to spend a Friday!