I just backed Pressgram.

What is Pressgram you ask? Pressgram is an iPhone image sharing app in development that will allow users to share filtered photos directly to hosted WordPress blogs.  This allows the content creators to retain 100% of the rights while still having great functionality.

When this project was announced at WordCamp Atlanta it immediately resonated with me. I actually told the guy behind the project, John Saddington, that I was going to back the project while attending WCAtl.

Instagram: All Ur Data Are Belong To Us

Like many others I quickly exported my data and quit Instagram when they changed their Terms of Service. I didn’t like the attitude of another behemoth social network pulling the privacy rug out from under customers. Even though they later somewhat recanted the damage was done and I don’t want to invest my time and energy on content that will be held hostage on a platform that I don’t pay money for (read: have some control over).

Since leaving Instagram I’ve tried using Flickr’s app which is a good app.  But, I still have the lingering reluctance of putting my content on someone else’s service.  I currently share photo content via Cloud app, but I don’t actively share pictures of my family, friends, or things I’m doing.  I hadn’t lost the desire to share photos, but I have run out of mental energy to want to keep up with the data privacy issues.

It’s The Data Silly

My wife Amanda and I have had numerous discussions about where our data goes and who has control of it.  We love the ubiquity of cross-device productivity apps, but hate that the usefulness of these apps is often tainted by proprietary data formats or locked down storage areas.

The only app we use that has bucked this trend is the Day One app.  It’s a digital journal that has an iphone app and a native Mac app.  It has a great feature set and is well developed. The feature that sold me on this app over the others is that all the data is shared to my Dropbox account in an XML format. Now my wife and I can both add data without fear of our information being sold or misused in some way yet to be dreamed up by a marketing executive.

Reserve The Right To Reserve The Rights

Just like I can control the data of my Day One journal, with Pressgram I’ll be able to control my photos. I will be able to post my photos to, my blog, and share them where I want. Call me a control freak, but that’s not too much to ask. An added bonus is that I’ll be able to have the pageviews and analytics that I could never retain at Instagram.

Here’s a video explaining more about Pressgram.  If the idea behind this app resonates with you then I encourage you to back it at Kickstarter!

Posted by Daniel Espinoza

I'm a digital tentmaker, web developer, a native Texan, avid reader, and a wanna be polyglot. Follow Daniel on Twitter @d_espi.

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