How Would a Web Developer Vlog?

Yesterday my friend Coen Jacobs asked a question on Twitter about web developers and vlogging:

I’m a fan of the vlogging medium and have a list of several vlogs I watch frequently. I like being able to see people as they are talking as opposed to podcasts. Also, there’s a different kind of bond formed with the visual presentation.

Vlogs I follow

If you’re looking for some vlogs to follow here are a few I enjoy. I watch Meghan over at Strawburry17 because she’s funny and I liked watching her on The Amazing Race. I watch Maxwell Glick or Mr Cheesy Pop because he’s got a unique niche in covering Disney stuff. Plus, he does funny stuff like his parody video of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” titled “Pumpkin Spice.”  What can I say, I like Disney and I’m a dad. I first saw Maxwell in his role on The Lizzie Bennett Diaries a web show my wife got me interested in. Yes, I watched 100 episodes of a show based on Pride and Prejudice. 🙂   Recently my friend Sean Wes started a daily video (yes daily) channel on his already awesome and helpful site. I watch Kat at Momma Kat TV because she’s hilarious! Her shows have very simple production value, but are full of personality and wit and I laugh out loud each time I watch her shows. The first of many travel-centric vlogs I watch is World Nomads because they produce very high quality travel shows. While looking for some video about Berlin I stumbled upon Emily who is English and lives in Berlin. Her vlogs are kinda stream-of-conciousness (eg “this is what I had for breakfast”) but I enjoy seeing things around Berlin. And of course the award winning Sonia Gil from Sonia’s Travels.  Sonia co-founded a digital language learning company and produces her travel vlog on top of that.

My new project

Because of my enjoyment of vlogs, coding, and travel, I’ve started a new project that I’ll be revealing very, very soon.  I’ve got a plan, a logo in the works, and some footage shot. The genesis of this idea is that since my family is doing the digital tentmaking/nomad/traveling thing I want to exercise telling stories from the places we visit in a video medium. Also, I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and I’d love to be the “Anthony Bourdain of WordPress” if that could ever be a thing.  So far the main thing I’ve learned is that good video takes time and is not easy to produce!

What would a web developer vlog look like?

Back to Coen’s initial question. I asked Coen:

There was some discussion afterwards about what a web developer vlog would look like. Coen was looking for a focus mostly on the hows and whys of tools used. I’m not sure that code or a command line would translate well to the vlog medium, but I could be wrong.

Now, I’ve got some questions for you!

1.  Are there web developer vlogs that you follow?  Link below! 

2. What do you like about the vlogs you follow?

3. What would interest you in a web developer vlog?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!