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Adding To My Web Developer Toolbelt

I’ve recently added these three tools to my web developer tool belt. Two of them save me time now, and the other one saves me time in the future in the form of keeping bugs from shipping.



Tom McFarlin recently wrote about GistBox and I started using it on his recommendation. Over the years I’ve moved my code snippet library from Coda to Codebox to a bunch of flat files. When I switched from an iMac to my MacBookPro before our last trip I purposed to keep all my data in the cloud and readily accessible. The idea was that if my laptop was damaged or stolen I could get back to work quickly with an off-the-shelf laptop until I could get a keyboard shipped.

GistBox fits my cloud requirement because it puts a pretty face on top of normal GitHub Gists.  It’s easy to use and keeps snippets in the same place that my other code is stored.



In a former life I was employed as a tester on two separate occasions. The first I was paid to play video games on Compaq computers to make sure the configuration was stable before they shipped. (best. job. ever!) The second I was the tester and build master for a team developing Windows software for an insurance company using C++ and MFC. The software was used for collecting adjusters reports and digital photos (a novelty back then). We used detailed test scripts and some automated test tools to verify new versions of the software before it was shipped to the field.

Since then I haven’t done much in the form of automated testing. I’m now getting familiar in using PHPUnit for setting up unit tests. I’m going to be adding unit tests to my commercial plugins and also with some client work.

To help me get up to speed I’ve got access to the WPSessions Unit Testing session and I’ll also be checking out the free TutsPlus course.

WP Migrate DB Pro

WP DB Migrate Pro

For my local dev environment I use MAMP and Navicat. This means I would usually move databases around manually which resulted in a ton of wasted time. I knew there was a better way, but hadn’t taken the time to bite the bullet and smooth out the process.

I recently switched my plugin shop, GrowDevelopment, over to using EDD as the ecommerce plugin and had a bunch of workflow and content to update. I first did a bit of cowboy coding to get the live site updated and stable.

I purchased a Personal copy of WP DB Migrate Pro and used it to pull that database back to my local environment to continue updates. The plugin is developed by Brad Touesnard and his team and is slick and intuitive. It’s so easy to setup and use. It’s already saved me a bunch of time!