Our kids are at an age where they can use a calendar and understand dates. They have been counting down for weeks to June 19th – the opening day of the new Pixar movie Inside Out.

We walked across the street to the movie theater and watched a mid day matinee. (I highly recommend living across the street from a movie theater). The movie was beautiful, fun to watch, and the kids loved it. Even though the pace slowed in the middle there were several laugh-out-loud moments. If you want to read a full review of the movie here’s a great review by my friend David.

The movie’s main characters are five emotions inside of the mind of a young girl. In this universe everyone has similar emotions in their mind and the emotions are able to influence behavior and interact with memories.

Scrubbing through memories

Two things stood out to me in the movie. First, memories are depicted as orbs that the emotions can hold. They can “project” the memory onto a screen which represents bringing the memory to the person’s attention.


I liked when Joy, one of the emotions, picked up an orb and was able to rub across the orb like scrubbing through a video to see different parts of the memory. This reminded me of how someone can scrub through videos on YouTube or on a phone. It’s such an intuitive interface that it transferred seamlessly to the movie’s fictional universe.

Saving memories from being forgotten

In the movie when memories are forgotten the orbs go dark and are dropped into a huge pit where they are lost forever. I thought of my own memories that have been dropped into my own pit over the years. Then I looked at my kids and was filled with a sort of anxiety. Can I help them hold on to some of those memories that would otherwise be lost forever?

I remembered the powerful technology most of us carry with us inside our mobile phones and the ability we have to record our lives. I have the tools I need to take pictures and record video to preserve memories. I already record memories for them and save them the best I can with home videos and pictures.

Nothing will perfectly preserve a memory forever, but a simple image or video can help someone remember memories that have gone dim.


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