Vlogging Gear

Here is the gear that I currently use to make vlogs:


I prefer to use a DSLR for recording video

  • Canon 80D – I like this camera because it has a flip out LCD so I can see myself in the shot.
  • iPhone 6 – Always with me always useful.
  • Canon PowerShot 135 – Very portable, but very shaky.


Onboard microphones on cameras suck so an external helps you get better audio.


When I’m at home I film with these inexpensive lights. I want to upgrade these soon.

  • LED Lights – These are super bright and portable, but they cast wicked shadows


I have a few standard tripods, one DSLR Gorilla pod, and a smaller GripTight Gorilla pod for my iPhone.


I’ve got some grey backdrop paper, but I normally try to find a place to have a live backdrop.


I use Adobe Premiere for most videos and iMovie when I need something short and quick.  I use ScreenFlow for screencasts.