Two choices that changed my life

Recently two guys who run large companies blogged separately about topics related to their companies. I respect both of these guys and loved reading these posts because they resonated with two choices I’ve made that changed my life.

Choosing Distributed Work

Matt Mullenweg commented on a video of Arthur C. Clarke talking about the future possibilities of distributed work (YouTube video).

In the video Mr. Clarke is talking from 1974 about a future where a young boy will be able to have a “console” in his house to access all the data he needs to do his work.

Matt’s company is 100% distributed. Employees can work wherever in the world they choose. They aren’t tied to an office, a time zone, or a time card.

I chose 100% distributed work in 2008 and have enjoyed the many benefits of it for eight years now. I have an office where I do most of my work now, but mostly because it’s a serene and quiet place to think. I could just as easily get all of my work done from my apartment balcony.

Choosing Self Employment

Cory Miller wrote a post about Living your dreams. Cory’s post talks about choices he has made like hustling to start a company, living below his means, and living his dreams instead of someone else’s.

Those choices led to his family being able to do some very cool stuff like spending a month in Portugal.

I give Cory an internet :fistbump: because I love seeing people recognize the power of a multitude of small choices. My family has has the chance to do some very cool stuff and that came from similar choices of living below our means, choosing our own dreams, and choosing self employment.

And the part about Cory and his wife “not driving their paychecks” was icing on the cake since we are a one-car family driving a 2003 Suburban.

Choose wisely

We all make choices about our careers, money, and relationships. Find some people you respect, admire, or look-up to and ask them how their choices created who they are today. But, overall, choose for yourself and be excited about the future!