I don’t like the smell of fire

After you experience the smell of a house fire you won’t ever forget it.  The same is true for the chemicals used to remove smoke damage.

As I walked into the office this morning (the office I’ve been in for less than two weeks) I was greeted by the security officer letting me know there was a fire over the weekend. Then I smelled it – the smell of smoke and smoke cleaning.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of fire damage. The fire was in an office down the hall. Apparently someone left a fan on over the weekend. My office which is leased by a friend’s business was closed off. There was a sign on the door saying that smoke treatment was going on.

So I left to get my work done elsewhere. My only concern is if my Thunderbolt monitor was damaged and if any of the other items in the office were damaged. Not fun.

Firetrucks at our house
Firetrucks at our house

Lessons from being nomadic

When our house fire happened in Fall 2013 I had already started thinking of ways to be location independent and still run my business. I planned for being mobile, but having access to any data we needed. I also thought through what would happen if our gear was lost, damaged, or stolen.

I scanned and shredded every piece of paper we had. I also did the obvious things like switched to paperless statements with all the companies we do business with to reduce our reliance on a physical mailbox. I split our data between multiple storage providers and made a plan for keeping everything in sync.

Because of my preparation and experience working in other countries I wasn’t really phased by having to move locations and be productive at a moment’s notice.

Don’t let little things stop you!

Today is also a good reminder to practice perseverance. Amanda and I had just had a conversation this morning about what we wanted to accomplish this week and I could easily let the office kerfuffle bother me to the point of giving up on the day. Instead I chose to still get my work done and focus on moving the needle on some big projects we have going on.

Nice try Monday, but I’m not going to let you phase me!

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