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The Situation in Greece

I’ve been very interested by what is currently happening in Greece. The country is in the middle of a situation being called a “financial meltdown”, a “political power play”, or the “GrExit” (Greek Exit from the Euro).

Here’s one article that tries to explain what is happening: 5 Things you need to know about Greece’s financial meltdown.  There are countless other articles describing the many players and moving parts then try to place blame or uncover motivations. No one really knows what the impact on financial markets will be if Greece exits the Euro, or if the country accepts another bailout.

Whatever the reasons are for the situation I can’t help but think of the normal people of Greece who are living through this situation. My heart sinks when I see pictures of people lining up at ATMs that will only dispense 60€ per day and sometimes not even that much.

When I hear “bank run” I think of the scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” where some of the citizens of Bedford Falls rush to the Savings and Loan to demand their money. I wonder if citizens of Greece have their own George Bailey who will be able to calm their fears and provide leadership.


Our internet friend Kristin is an American living in Greece and she shared a very insightful post: What is Happening in Greece.  My heart breaks for people who may have already been in dire straits and are now even worse off due to the current financial situation.

Even more fascinating to me is that the next step the country will make, whether to accept or rejecting a proposed financial plan, will be decided by public vote this coming Sunday. It’s fitting that the Birthplace of Democracy will place its fate in a popular vote, but also seems very uncertain.

The world and I will continue watching how this unfolds. I really hope that there is a swift resolution that helps improve people’s lives and removes the uncertainty that currently exists.

Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Compfight cc