The Last Conversation

Why I read the book

I read this book because it was available in my Kindle library. My wife Amanda thought I’d like it and grabbed the small anthology it is a part of.

It is a short story and can be read in one sitting. I listened to it and read on my phone in about two hours while doing other things.

🚨Small spoilers ahead! Stop now to avoid them! 🚨

What I liked

The writing style and dis-jointed storytelling was unsettling and it helped make the story interesting. I don’t normally read horror, but found out after I finished the book that the author has won awards in that category.

Because the main character had sensory deprivation and amnesia at the beginning of the story I originally thought it was some sort of machine or AI that was being taught in a new way.

The reveal of what was really happening with the main character was very interesting and told well.

The ending made me think of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

What I didn’t like

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like except that it was only a short story. It would have been great to dive into the world more.

My review

I give the book 4 out of 5 syringes 💉.

It’s a thought and conversation provoking book.

This was my 1st book of 2020.