The January Commit

During December 2014 a few friends competed in a blogging competition based on the Blogging for Benjamin competition I ran in December 2013. Fresh off of that competition Bryce Adams suggested that we do something similar in January 2015, but related to code.

So Bryce suggested The January Commit. The January Commit is a 31 day competition where those participating need to make at least one commit to Github per day during the month of January. Go check Bryce’s post for a list of devs joining in.

Write code every day

I really like this competition since it fits with my goal of releasing more plugins in 2015. Since working with subcontractors there are some days I don’t commit any code at all.  Just like anything you do daily (reading books, writing blog posts, exercising, learning language) each day things get easier and more part of your routine. I’m looking forward to code commits to come as easy as blog posts do now.

Vanity metrics

The rules allow commits to private repositories to count for the daily commit, but I’m going to make sure to do public commits to get my profile some color.  Below you’ll see my Public Github profile is much more anemic than my Private Github profile.

github contributions

First project for the month

My first project for the month will be a plugin I started last August called WooCommerce Variation Description. The idea for the plugin was suggested in a question to a WooCommerce Office Hours show earlier in the year.  The person wanted to have a product description that was on a per-variation basis and when a customer chooses a variation on the product page, the description will change to reflect that variation.

It seems there is already some interest in this idea since someone found the repo and opened an issue that it “wasn’t working.”  The issue made me laugh since the plugin was nowhere near ready for use!

Let me know if you’re joining us this month!