Summer Frost

Why I read the book

I listened to the audio of this short book on a road trip. As the story built to the end it got more and more difficult to focus on driving!

What I liked

Crouch is very good at slowly surrounding a reader with the story before squeezing and totally taking your breath away.

The tech in the story was interesting and seemed plausible. The relationship between Riley, her work, and her partner is real and heartbreaking.

I want a `jewel` 😆 even though some nefarious entity could use it to map my brain.

What I didn’t like

It seemed a stretch that Riley would be left alone to work on the project for so long with no outside help or interaction. The reason might have been that private money kept it going, but it still seemed a little far fetched. The video game they describe sounds disgusting, but that helps the plot along and serves as Max’s birthplace.

My Review

I give the book 5 out of 5 bots 🤖. It’s a very compact story that should cause a lot of conversation and questioning after reading it.

This was my 3rd book of 2020.