Starts and Finishes

Yesterday a few guys that I know and admire reported news of their businesses.  One was a start and one was a finish, but they both resonated with me.


Adii Pienaar launched his new business PublicBeta. It looks like a fantastic recource for entrepreneuers so I immediately signed up. I’m currently in the waiting queue, but can’t wait until it is live so I can dig into the content. The library of courses looks fantastic. I really like that Adii chose the bootstrapper model and self-funded. I’m very excited for this start.


The 8bit guys announced that they are closing down shop. I enjoyed hanging out with these guys in their beautiful office while attending WordCamp Atlanta earlier this year. The vibe around their place was so positive and you could tell they genuinely enjoyed being around each other and working together. I know each of them is going to continue to do great things and I look forward to what is in store for them. I’m very excited about this finish because I anticipate what will come next.

Passions and Seasons

As the guys processed on their blogs about the emotions of these starts and finishes they mentioned following your passion and that there is a season for everything. I agree totally with both of these. Some people are afraid of change and will stay in the predictability of the status quo, but without change you are going to miss opportunities. Adii mentioned leaving his “cushy CEO job” because he is a starter and enjoys creating new things. Some may thing that’s crazy, while others nod their head in agreement. It’s true that for some nothing can beat the thirll of building something new.

There’s a season for building, and a season for tearing down and starting something new. Overcoming the fear of starting and finishing is something that is needed in order to be able to do great things.

I love change and often think about ‘What’s next’ and ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?‘ so it’s exciting to see people acting out change in their lives. I’m very excited for all of these guys and for what’s next.