Why I read the book

My wife Amanda read it and my friend Chris read it. They both liked it and the audiobook was available at the library.

What I liked

It’s not a spoiler to say there is some aerial combat in the story. The introduction talks about how humans are in a desperate battle of survival with aliens.

I really enjoyed the flight school storyline and dogfight sequences. The human ships battle capabilities (the light lines iirc) were a fun feature.

I am looking forward to continuing the story in the nexts books with Spin, Rig, Jerkface, and the rest of the characters!

What I didn’t like

The start of the book was rough for me. The book had many similarities to other fantasy or sci-fi books like: people living in caverns (Red Rising), exams to determine what occupation a young person can do (Divergent), and a kind of battle school (Ender’s Game).

Sanderson did a good job of taking these ‘known’ elements and adding other plot items to make the story new enough and entertaining.

My review

I enjoyed the book and give it 4 out of 5 falling space debris ☄️.

This was my 4th book of 2020.