The Silos

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When in Waco…

We came to the Silos and Magnolia Bakery. This place is printing money in a way only rivaled by a Chick-fil-A drive-thru at lunch time.

The word that was impressed on us by this place was “hospitality.” Every detail had some thought polish on it. (Is that a thing? “thought polish”? well I’m making it a a thing).

There were umbrellas available “for rain or shine” and it was plenty hot on a July Texas day. The large turf lawn was surrounded by covered picnic tables so you could enjoy your Shiplap cupcakes while watching the kids play kickball or hula hoop (balls and hoops provided by the venue).

There was a place to shop, place to get water, a bench swing to rest on, and food trucks for when you get hungry.

If you’re ever in Waco go check this place out – mostly because there’s not a whole lot to see in Waco!