A Texan Web Developer

San Antonio Web Professionals Group

In April Josh Seltzer and I restarted a local Meetup.com group that had not met in over a year.  We renamed it “San Antonio Web Professionals Group“.

Josh and I met through Twitter.  He moved to San Antonio last summer and used Twitter to find/reach out to local web folk.

We both do client services based web design and development so we wanted to have a group to meet other people like us and build community.  The focus of our group is to share knowledge, connect, and offer a place to get away from the screen and chat with people in person.

Since most of us work from home or small office we also organize mid-month social meetups to get together in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Our first drink/social meetup was at Lion & Rose pub.

Future goals are to continue growing and connecting SA Web Pros, bring knowledgable speakers in from far and wide, and possibly organize a conference.