Remote Work Sustainability

Beyond not being tied to an office freedom of location means that the work I choose needs to be sustainable while moving around often. Travel is expensive, it is a privilege, and takes money to do it. If I’m able to travel, but my income goes away as a result, then we won’t be able to enjoy travel in the long term.

Today we head home after an 18 day trip in New York City.  Before this trip we were at our home base for 5 months. During those five months I was able to increase the number of WooCommerce projects I was doing and increase my income. I associate much of that to being able to get into a work groove.

Over this trip I wasn’t able to get into a good groove and saw some of my timely responses on projects and quotes take longer than normal.  This got me thinking about what goes into sustainability when traveling.

Ability to connect

The first factor of sustainability is the ability to connect. Wherever we are located needs to have solid internet connectivity. This is why sites like the Nomad List that list the best cities to live and work remotely rank locations based on their internet speeds. If my business relied on producing coaching videos for subscribers but I’m in a location where it takes three days to upload a 5 minute video this isn’t sustainable.

Getting into a groove

The second factor of sustainability is the ability to get work done. A client services business requires that I am in touch, sometimes by phone, with clients during their normal business hours. We found that living in Paris was simply amazing, but I found myself distracted by enjoying the city to the point of ignoring work and subsequently losing several clients. Also, the time difference from my US based clients meant that I was working at night – something that I don’t enjoy. That had a direct impact on my income.

Right business model

While client based businesses are high touch, product businesses allow a little more freedom since the only time sensitive component is doing marketing tasks and also responding to support and pre-sales tickets. This is a task that can be delegated to others while you’re traveling or otherwise not able to be online.

So if you’re looking to be sustainable while also moving around then be sure to setup your business in a way that you’ll be able to keep the money coming as you move around the globe.

Photo Credit: andjohan via Compfight cc