Relaunching WooCommerce Office Hours

Relaunching WooCommerce Office Hours

Today I’m relaunching WooCommerce Office Hours in a different format.

History of WooCommerce Office Hours

WooCommerce Office Hours started out with an idea I had in January. The goal was to help WooCommerce store owners by providing a place to get their WooCommerce questions answered free of charge. The format was one hour on a Google Hangout with a chat Q&A in a room. The recorded hangout would be available for reference.

Lessons learned

This format worked for a few episodes, but then a few things happened. My family traveled to Europe for 8 weeks and doing a live format show while on the road wasn’t possible. Not only was the time zone different, I never knew how good the wifi would be at the place I was staying. Also, the time I normally scheduled the hangout ended up being Friday night in Europe. The last place I wanted to be in Paris on a Friday night was in my apartment on the computer!

I also experimented with having a co-host on the show and going solo.  It was easier to have a co-host because there was someone to bounce questions off of, but it added a challenge of scheduling someone. If I ran solo it was difficult to keep from having dead air for long periods as I waited for questions to be asked, or as I setup my computer to do a demo along with an answer.

I want to respect the time of people listening in so the hour long format and low number of questions wasn’t working for me.

New format!

So with this new understanding I’m reformatting WooCommerce Office Hours to be a lean, mean and helpful resource. It will be more of a podcast format.

It will still be a Google Hangout for now, although I may switch to pre-recorded video to help with travel schedules and having some episodes in the can.

I’ll try to get a co-host or another person to participate consistently.

The format will be 30 minutes and will be more scripted to stay on topic. Along with pre-submitted questions I’ll focus on WooCommerce news about the core plugin, add-on plugins, and the community.  I’ll pick questions from a few different sources and answer those. I’ll also be demoing new plugins that become available.

I’m moving to Tuesday afternoons instead of Fridays. I currently don’t work Friday afternoons and I want to start working 4 day weeks.

I hope WC OH has been a useful resource, and if you have any questions, please send them my way! The next episode will be tomorrow August 5th, 2014 at 1pm EST.