Read: Red Rising

I wanted to take a break from YA, but then two people recommended this book to me. I’m glad they did.

This book is about Mars. Like another book about Mars (The Martian) it starts off slow. Like that book my wife encouraged me to ‘just keep reading.’  Both times she was right.

I enjoyed the book’s character evolution (literally and figuratively), but often found myself muttering under my breath after an event happens. [something happens], and I say “oh just like Hunger Games”. [something else happens], “oh just like Gattaca.”

Looking beyond the borrowed plot devices and the “freshman novel” writing of certain descriptions the book is a quick read and a fun action-packed story.

I listened to the audio book and synced my location with the Kindle app – a piece of magic that I’m glad exists in today’s world.

The book is narrated by someone with a Scottish accent and that adds to the feel of the story immensely. I now will say to my wife in a deep accent “I’m a hell diver of Lykos.” 🙂

Personally, I do not want to make you a man. Men are so very frail. Men break. Men die. No, I’ve always wished to make a god.

~ Darrow