Products Shipped January 2013

One of my goals this year is to build three extensions per month to have a total of 36 new products this year.   I thought about making it one per week, but I realized that’s crazy and I would end up with some half-baked code.  Three per month is totally doable.

In January the following three extensions went live.

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Pushover Notifications for WooCommerce

In December I saw some tweets about the Pushover App which is an iOS and Android application that has an API making it easy to send notifications from your web app.  I loved the concept and wanted to do a free plugin for  Chris Klosowski had already built a general WordPress notifications plugin so I decided to build one for WooCommerce that would allow store owners to setup notifications to their phones of new orders, low stock, back orders and out of stock events.



UPS Shipping Method for WooCommerce

WooThemes asked me to rebuild the UPS shipping module for WooCommerce.  Up till now I had only built payment gateways so it was fun to build a shipping module.



Easy Digital Downloads – CSV Product Import

Last fall Pippin Willamson asked me to build an import module for his Easy Digital Downloads ecommerce plugin.  After some delay on my part this plugin went live mid-January.  It was my first plugin to be added to which was a fun milestone.