I Launched A Plugin Marketplace

I noticed that I had gone most of January without blogging. Unlike previous months there was a clear reason for the silence.

I spent most of the month preparing for launching a new plugin marketplace: Shop Plugins.

Why did I launch a plugin marketplace?

I launched almost a year after writing about the Best Place to Sell WordPress Plugins. I’ve been thinking of launching for longer than that. I gave a talk back at WordCamp Minneapolis in 2013 where I talked about the three things that go into doing well at selling plugins:

  1. Building the products
  2. Supporting the products
  3. Marketing the products

I want to get better at marketing products

After having commercial plugins for sale since 2011 I feel like I have a good grasp of development and support, but lag on the third – Marketing.

I’ve talked before about not having the experience of taking a product from Zero to Hero and I wanted the chance to do that. I could have taken one product and run with it, but the next two reasons worked into the decision to build a marketplace.

I want to provide a place for other developers to sell

I’ve talked to many developers who have good product ideas, or even a working plugin that are interested in selling their plugin. They could sell on their own site, but that adds a level of administration and setup that many of them don’t want to take on. They could sell on other marketplaces, but they would be limited in the ownership of their code and the ability to set pricing.

I see an opportunity to serve customers and partner with developers. After we stretch our sea legs for a few months I’ll be seeking out these types of partnerships.

I want a place to educate

Another reason for launching Shop Plugins is to have a platform to educate people about selling online. I’ve had a lot of fun doing WooCommerce Office Hours, but I think there is an opportunity to teach people in a platform-independent way. I like my autonomy and I think I can use it as an advantage that will benefit people.

If you’re looking for a place to sell your WordPress eCommerce plugins or for added functionality for your shop, then have a look at Shop Plugins and lets talk!

Further reading

Over on the Shop Plugins blog Chris Lema asked Is there really a need for another eCommerce marketplace?  and I posted Introducing Shop Plugins.