I’m Not Ready

It’s December 1st and I’ve been thinking about something all year: I haven’t shipped anything substantial this year. I’ve done a lot of client work and sold some plugins, but none of my long play projects have shipped. I’ve set goals, and have worked toward them. None of them have shipped yet.

I’m the problem. And now I’m faced with the countdown to the new year with a limited amount of time to stamp something with 2014.

I’ve seen success

With the clock counting down I started wondering about my view of success. I have a picture of success in my mind. It’s not something that is unclear or nebulous. I have several friends who I think have achieved a level of success.

There’s Pippin who is a web developer. He’s built a successful ecommerce platform and written dozens of plugins.

There’s Chris who is a coach and storyteller. He inspires and counsels many people as a side job from his day job.

And there’s Sean who is a content factory and a nation builder. He’s taken his passion for business and built a thriving community and a digital learning empire.

I single out these guys not out of envy, but because I admire them. I cheer them on am sincerely hope for their continued success. But, when I think of my own success I had to admit to one thing:

I’m not ready

I’m not ready to put the work in. I’m not ready to make the sacrifices. I’m not ready to do what they did.

But therein lies the key. I don’t need to do what each of my friends did because I’m not them.

And that’s okay

I’m not ready to do what someone else did on the way to their success because that path is unique to them. I’ve got another path in front of me that is made for me. I can look over at them and get motivation and inspiration, but the rocks, dirt, and turns of my path will be entirely different. Making a comparison to someone else’s success isn’t worth it. Define your own success.

I’m not ready, but I’m getting there. The journey to that level of effort is not vertical, but an ascent. It’s building the discipline day after day.

Photo Credit: ChrisGoldNY via Compfight cc