Domain Moving Day

We are currently in the process of selling our house.  This is the first house we’ve sold so the process is new to us. If you’ve never sold a house while you lived in it this translates into repairs, lawn maintenance, cleaning, and cleaning again. Yesterday we had two showings: one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon.  It’s a challenge to keep a house show ready with three small kids so we ended up staying out the entire day.  As we were driving around my 6yo daughter was asking questions about moving. She’s very excited about moving, but wasn’t sure how all of our “house stuff” was going to fit in our car.  I explained to her that we wouldn’t be using our small car to move, but will rent a moving truck. The next time we passed a moving truck I pointed it out so she could see what it looked like.

The exchange reminded me the special privilege we have as parents to be the ones that introduce new concepts to our kids. My daughter didn’t have a concept of a “moving truck” nor of how it affected her.  Now she can explain what it is and when it’s time to move to our new place she’ll know how it works.  I can’t wait for more teaching/learning moments.

Domain Moving Day

Today is a moving day of sorts around here.  I’ve moved my blog from the ‘my name’ domain I have been using to a new shorter domain. I love short domain names, so taking a lesson from a friend’s recent rebranding I looked for the shortest name domain I could find.  I bought it and here we are!  My wife is also launching a new personal blog at the same time so this holiday weekend has been full of plenty of server maintenance.  The slow holiday weekend seemed like a good time to do all the DNS tasks.

Blog Posting Month

A few years ago when my wife was running a parenting blog she would participate in an event called NaBloPoMo where groups of bloggers would write daily for an entire month. Usually they would write about a specific topic.  This moth my wife and I are going to have our own blog post month where we write daily on one of our blogs. Writing daily is the best way to strengthen the writing muscle and be able to quickly share ideas. Here we go!

Photo Credit: scottfidd via Compfight cc