Modern Romance

by Aziz Ansari, Eric Klinenberg
Published by Penguin Press

I read this book expecting it to be an extension of Ansari’s stand-up or some other form of comedy writing. I found the comedy that I looked for wrapped in a scholarly research program. Ansari teamed up with a sociologist to study, actually research, what it looks like to seek out love today. (Ansari starts the book explaining that due to cost and time limitations he constrained the research to a defined group of urban, heterosexuals.)

The findings of the social science was very interesting to a married guy with kids. The stories that were shared about online dating experiences sounded like a sequence from America’s Funniest Videos. I laughed several times while reading people’s dating stores. From reading this book I feel like I have some compassion and understanding of what it’s like to be in that dating scene which is very different from my dating experience.

I met my wife in 2002. We met in person. We dated and courted for 1.5 years. During that time we met in person, talked on the phone, and emailed each other often. Then we were married in 2003. This year we’ve been married 14 years. Ours isn’t a ‘modern’ romance as defined by this book, but it is a great romance.


This was book number 12 of 52 for 2017.