Mid-year Project Cleanup

It’s the middle of the year and a great time to evaluate the goals that were set at the beginning of the year.  Enough things have changed in the past six months that some goals aren’t relevant anymore, and others have grown in relevance. I’m taking a few days of vacation this week I’ll be spending time cleaning up my project and task list. I use a Trello board to organize my projects and it has become a little unkept over the past few months. I’m going to go through each board and card to remove or refine the next steps.

What am I working on

I’m going to be redesigning (yes, I’m designing *gasp*) my Grow Development site into a WordPress theme running WooCommerce.  I’m still going to sell Magento plugins, but I spend the majority of my time in WordPress these days so I’m normalizing all of my site platforms to WordPress.

Each site I maintain will get some attention and freshening up. I’m going to setup auto backups and other monitoring that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

I will also be retiring a few ideas that I’ve worked on over the past six months. When it comes to side projects I’m going to start working on one project at a time. I’ve wasted too much time by splitting up my attention in several places.

Plugin maintenance and new features

I will also be cleaning up the code in my  premium plugins and adding new planned features. I’ve gotten great feedback from customers on things they would like to see in a few of the plugins so I have a clear direction on that.

Blog drafts cleanup

In an effort to streamline content creating I am going to clear out all drafts from WP installs and move them to Google docs so I can have them in one place that can be shared with other people. In the past I’ve started drafts in the WP dashboard, in a Google doc, in my notebook, or in a text file on my computer. I’m going to put everything into one place so that when it is time to write I will know where I am with all my different drafts.

Here’s to a restful and productive Fourth of July week!

Have you ever taken vacation time and spent it on side projects instead of relaxation and recreation?

Photo Credit: Johnson Cameraface via Compfight cc