Learning before building and talking to customers #buildszn

I’m two weeks into #BUILDSZN and here’s the update. Everything right now looks like a blank canvas or a cleared piece of land, but very soon there will be more activity. D

Learning before building

Last week I talked about choosing a framework (Laravel) and that I watched some videos of people coding on YouTube. This worked well to jog my memory of the handful of times I’ve tried coding with the framework, but didn’t seem to be going very fast (more on that later).

This week I setup my local development environment. I skipped Laravel Valet and Laravel Homestead. Half the trouble of learning Laravel is learning all of the different names of tools that are available.

I had already been using Local by Flywheel for WordPress development so I wanted to see if I could use my current setup for Larvel development. I’m happy to report it is very easy to setup a site in Local and repurpose it to be a Laravel setup.

I can keep using PHPStorm as my editor just like I do for WordPress, but will probably need to switch the coding standards plugin away from WordPress coding standards.

I mentioned watching videos didn’t seem to be going very fast so I decided to read all of the Laravel 5.7 documentation. This might seem crazy and unnecessary, but I see this as a walk through the woodworking shop to see what tools are available.

“Great, I see a table saw over there. There’s a planer and a jointer. We’ve got ourselves a nice bandsaw. Oh, what’s that over there? Something new to learn, great!”

I wanted to get all of the available tooling and some of the naming conventions fresh in my brain before I started hacking. I took a few of the ideas like routes and service providers and spent some extra time digging into the framework code. While doing this I discovered my podcast host Fideloper has a package included in Laravel! Way to go Chris!

I’ll probably finish reading the documentation and finish up a video series on Vue this week. Then I’ll start working on the ReportEDD app next Monday.

Talking to Customers

Last week I mentioned in episode 13 of my podcast I talked about the app I’m building. The main topic of the episode is “How do you choose what project to work on?” and was inspired by a tweet by Justin Sainton. While reading the responses to the tweet I saw this response by Jason Cohen:

Reading that was a huge “Ah ha!” moment for me. Of course I need to spend this time talking to customers. The first customer was very easy to talk to – it’s me!

Since the application I’m building will be used by me in my EDD business it makes sense to write down what I want to see in it. I’m developing a questionnaire that will ultimately ask “What will you pay for this?”

I’m also starting a list of people I know semi-personally who use EDD that I want to chat with about the app.

Week two is in the books. This week is Thanksgiving holiday in the USA and I don’t know if that will positively or negatively impact #BUILDSZN, but either way I want to keep the momentum going!

If you have any questions please get in touch here.

See you next week!