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Jelly at 8bit’s Offices

Yesterday I flew to Atlanta early for WordCamp Atlanta.  I planned my trip so that I’d have a chance to hangout at 8bit’s new offices for their pre-WordCamp Jelly event.  After landing I took the train into town and walked to their offices which are about three blocks from the station.

I tweeted a small pic of their epic video game mural that had been finished on Wednesday night. These guys have been working hard on their offices and it shows.  It’s a very creative space that is fun to hang out in.

Through the day several people dropped in from the WCATL co-organizer, a Stripe rep, and some folks from WPBeginner.

Don’t think that this office is all work and no play.  Below is a fun off the cuff interview I had with Tom McFarlin recorded by John Saddington.  If you are ever in Atlanta you should stop by their office.