January Commit Aftermath

A month ago I joined with some other developers to do a coding competition called the January Commit. Our goal was to commit code or have some sort of activity once per day to build a coding habit.

How did I do?

Here’s my Public repo contribution graph next to my Private repo contribution graph.


As you can see by the lack of color in the Public and Private views I did a fairly shabby job with making consistent commits. It’s easy to open an issue, or commit whitespace changes to toggle the colors, but I wanted my commits to be significant. I tried to make commits that were moving a plugin forward. I had two solid weeks the first full week of the month and the second to last week. Then I completely fell off the wagon the last week of the month.

I attribute the grey in the last week to having a ton of client work to get finished (some of those private repos are on BitBucket) and I was busy working on yesterday’s launch of Shop Plugins.

Was it a success?

Even though I failed at coding every day I still think the month was a success because I wrote more code in January 2015 than I had in several months past. I also rediscovered coding for fun and the feeling you get when you’re lost in a piece of code trying to see what you can make it do. Talk about getting your groove back!

I started a few plugins that will be go onto WordPress.org’s plugin repository and started a few new commercial plugins that will be shipping soon.

Habits take time

All habits take time to form and doing something daily for a month will certainly help you create a habit while you learn about yourself.

I also learned that Github Selfies can be really freaking awkward! Here’s one of Bryce and one of me:

bryce selfie


daniel selfie