My Inspiring Wife

My wife inspires me. She has the kind of personality that when she starts something she’s going to finish it. In 2009 she decided to run a marathon and she woke up several times a week to run several miles around our neighborhood. One day a week she woke up super early and drove to another part of town before dawn to join a running club on super long runs.

Watching her do this was so inspiring that I started exercising and was able to complete a half marathon. My longest training run was 12 miles and it happened to be on our wedding anniversary. So for our 6th wedding anniversary we woke up before dawn, drove to another part of town, and ran 12 miles together. How romantic!

She follows through

This month I started daily vlogging with a VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) challenge. I made it six days and had to stop because I was uninterested in the vlogging topics that were suggested by the challenge organizer, and it was taking me 4 to 8 hours to produce one vlog. My hobby started impacting my work so I put it on pause.

Amanda started blogging every day this month and is now on a 27 day streak. Again, she’s inspired me and I’ve been hitting Publish more. I’ve been much more consistent with writing blogs and newsletters for Shop Plugins.

Creating content together

We just had some “Laptop Club” time where we worked together on a post for her blog titled 25 YouTube Channels To Watch (Go read it, it’s a super fun post!). She wrote it and I helped wrangle images and links. The post highlights 25 YouTube channels we watch almost every night on our AppleTV after the kids are in bed. It is one of our favorite past times and I’m glad she’s joined me in my YT addiction.

While helping her I wrote this post and another post for our digital nomad blog (scheduled for later this week). I’m almost certain that’s the first time where I was part of producing three blog posts in one sitting.

Thanks for indulging me while I shared how awesome my wife is!