InfernoInferno (The Divine Comedy #1) by Dante Alighieri, Anthony M. Esolen
Published by Modern Library on December 9th 2003
Pages: 490

Guided by the poet Virgil, Dante plunges to the very depths of Hell and embarks on his arduous journey towards God. Together they descend through the twenty-four circles of the underworld and encounter the tormented souls of the damned - from heretics and pagans to gluttons, criminals and seducers - who tell of their sad fates and predict events still to come in Dante's life. In this first part of his Divine Comedy, Dante fused satire and humour with intellect and soaring passion to create an immortal Christian allegory of mankind's search for self-knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

I didn’t love this book or hate the book. I read it because it was available and I felt like I should have read it.

Probably the most interesting thing about this book was that it reminded me a ton of spending a week camping out in line to go into Britannia Manor in 1994- the personal residence of Richard Garriott.  Richard would host a haunted house and invite professional costume and set builders to come out. The experience was amazing and totally immersive and I’ve never been part of anything like it. Teams of four progressed through the house to find the Star of Palestine and save the Avatar. This story was a little from some of his video games and a lot from Dante’s Inferno. The house had a room of gluttons, imps running around the grounds, and a boatman. Really crazy stuff. For some pics and old video of the manor check out this super old page.

I didn’t give the book a star rating because who am I to rate a book that is still in print 700 years after being published. Dante you go boy!

This was book number 33 of 52 for 2017.