Getting Started with WooCommerce

Today I’m excited to announce a new course launch that is a collaboration between me and WP101 – Getting Started with WooCommerce.

Course Beginnings

The idea behind the course began with a conversation at a WordCamp between me and Shawn Hesketh.

Shawn runs WP101 which is a very popular education platform with videos that help people get their start with WordPress. I have always wanted to do a training course since making instructional videos for clients when I was building Magento sites seven years ago. I had a domain purchased, and a site built out, but I never finished building the course.

The course was also one of the things I needed to “Ship or STFU” from back in January.

Getting Started with WooCommerce

The current course of 22 videos will help anyone go form zero to launch of their ecommerce store using WooCommerce.

We cover installation of the plugin, the specific store settings, and setting up a product catalog. We also cover the checkout process and running the store.

Probably the most useful feature of buying the course is that you’ll get access to a private Q&A Forum where you can ask questions that I’ll answer personally! No more digging around the web sifting through out of date answers. I look forward to helping shop owners find solutions to their problems.

More On The Way!

We’ve started with a great foundation of videos and we have dozens more planned out. Right now we’re offering an Early Bird price for the first 50 people who sign up.  So, don’t delay, go get the course!