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Favorite activity in your city?

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Favorite activity in your city?

My favorite activity in San Antonio is Fiesta San Antonio. Fiesta is a 10 day, city-wide party with hundreds of events. There are parades, concerts, rodeos, carnivals, crafts, river barges, and more.

I remember going to Fiesta events as a child. My family would get parade tickets for the Friday afternoon Battle of Flowers parade (a school holiday!) and the Saturday night Fiesta Flambeau parade. I remember sitting on an ice chest of drinks and snacks watching as the bands and floats drifted by.

I remember being carried back to the car completely exhausted from the day and all the fun we had.

Now that I’m married and we have three kids we like taking them to Fiesta events. This year we took them to the Charro rodeo, the King William parade and fair, and the Fiesta Carnival. The kids loved every minute of it!

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